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TECHNOGLAM: Boombox 3.0

Party In A Box…Eton Rukus By: Rohn Padmore [The Music Issue 2015] The Eton Rukus NRK100W portable sound system features Bluetooth connectivity with AVRCP support

February 07, 2015 Contents, Sounds, TechnoGlam

APPS: Milk

Got Milk? By: Jensen Greene [The Music Issue 2015] Milk Music™, powered by Slacker, puts you in control of your radio stations. While some radio

February 07, 2015 Apps, Contents, TechnoGlam

APPS: Facetune

Picture Perfect…With Facetune By: Rohn Padmore [The Holiday Issue] We know, Photoshopping an iPhone pic just so you can post it on Instagram is a

December 08, 2014 Apps, Contents, TechnoGlam

APPS: The Hunt

Keeping Up With The Fashionistas…Fashion At Your Fingertips By: Rohn Padmore [Fall Fashion 2014] The Hunt The Hunt calls itself the “cure for outfit envy,” and

September 01, 2014 Apps, Contents, Fashion Random, TechnoGlam

FEATURE: Ke Group Inc.

Mad Men 3.0…Ke Group Inc. By: Rohn Padmore [The Man Issue] Sure, the internet and social media revolutionized the way that companies and brands got

May 19, 2014 Contents, Feature, TechnoGlam

TECHNOGLAM: Corvette Stingray

Man Made Machine…The Corvette Stingray By: Jensen Greene [The Man Issue] Arguably the most significant new-car introduction for 2014 (at least from an enthusiast’s standpoint)

May 18, 2014 Contents, Finds, Luxe, TechnoGlam

APPS: Pheed

New Kid On The Block…Pheed By Rohn Padmore [The All-American Issue 2013] Pheed, (pronounced as ‘feed’), is a free social media platform for web and mobile devices. The Pheed website launched

June 28, 2013 Apps, Contents, TechnoGlam

TECHNOGLAM: Google Glass

Google’s New Product Debuts On The Fashion Runway By Eric Platt [The Summer Issue 2013] Google took its presence at New York Fashion Week to

FEATURE: The Sexiest Cars

Fast And Furious: The Sexiest Cars by Kaitlin Radziwill [The Sexy Issue 2013] Ever since the car was invented guys have been overcompensating with the


Fashion House Mochachino Los Angeles|New York Unveils “Fabulous” Teaser by Rohn Padmore [Hollywood Issue 2013] Designer Sabre Mochachino teased his loyal followers with a sneak

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