Summer Elixirs And Libations At Los Angeles’ Tart

By April Bella, Managing Editor

[The Summer Issue 2013]


Tart is a great escape from hectic L.A. life. Okay, traffic really.  It is located in the heart of Los Angeles on Fairfax adjacent to the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel. Their quirky cocktail list is refreshingly unique with something for everyone including those foregoing liquor. There are two standout cocktails. The first is Papa’s Drink! Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey, orange juice and fresh squeezed lemon juice filled to the rim – no skimping here.  You will be sweetly surprised as it is unlike anything you may have tasted. It is sweet yet light which is perfect for hot L.A. days and nights.  It is just right on the sugar spectrum and not too sweet, so be careful not to drink too many. Pace yourself and wait for the kick.

Tequila Clothes Off on Left & Papa's Drink on Right Taft

The outdoor patio is quaint and reminiscent of an outdoor BBQ….L.A. Style. The food menu is full of various traditional southern delicacies. They must be delicious because the guy at the next table was laughing at his friend exclaiming “you’re over there smackin’ so hard I’m afraid you are going to suck your fingernail off!”

Beer drinkers will not be disappointed especially those that enjoy a tequila back. With an intriguing name Tequila Makes Your Clothes Fall Off, this libation is hard to ignore. Definitely worth a try this refreshing beer beverage also contains orange liquor and lime. It is refreshing yet bold.

 Tequilla Makes Your Clothes Fall Off Taft 2

The drinks at Tart were made for summer served ice cold in a simple mason jar with a fruit wedge. Go easy though because they will creep up on you so be sure to bring a designated driver!